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Pricing Discounts for Member Welfare Funds


Behavioral Health Services Discounts:

Teamster Center Services has negotiated per diem and per session discounts with a wide variety of inpatient and outpatient behavioral health facilities and clinics. By having access to these discounts, member welfare funds can save hundreds…even thousands of dollars on treatment admissions. And, since TCS does not charge funds a percentage of the savings, 100% of the discount goes to the welfare fund.

Products and Services Discounts:

Teamster Center Services partners with a variety of service providers to obtain discounts for its member funds. TCS affiliated welfare funds can receive discounted pricing on the following services through their participation in TCS:

  • Medical Management Services
  • Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) Services
  • Pharmacy Audits
  • Medical Diagnosis Reviews

Services for Welfare Funds


Admission Certification and Case Management:

TCS helps funds control their health care costs by serving as the gatekeeper and case manager for behavioral health admissions. The TCS staff regularly direct plan participants away from high cost out of network programs and redirects them to lower cost, high quality TCS contracted facilities.

TCS Treatment Network:

TCS has direct contracts with a variety of inpatient and outpatient behavioral health facilities throughout the Metro New York area and beyond. The rates that have been negotiated by TCS are typically hundreds of dollars per day lower than the rates of other networks. For self-insured funds the elect to self-pay claims, the claims from TCS-contracted facilities are sent directly to the welfare fund to insure that the Fund receives 100% of the savings.

Discount Programs:

TCS offers member funds a variety of cost savings opportunities that can produce significant savings of health care dollars. In addition to its direct treatment facility contracts, TCS has preferred pricing agreements for medical management and other services and participates in a large national coalition and brings the discounted arrangements from that coalition to TCS member funds with no coalition membership fees.

Services for Plan Participants


Advice and Referral:

TCS counselors assist participants in locating in-network providers at appropriate levels of care in their home area.

Benefits Information:

The TCS staff advises participants of the rules and limitations of their benefit plans and directs them to high quality, less costly care.

Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) Services:

TCS has a Substance Abuse Professional on staff to provide evaluations and case management for commercial drivers subject to DOT drug testing regulations.

Teamster Center Services Fund Employee Assistance Program Details

Services for Unions and Employers


One Call Evaluations and Referrals:

TCS provides both Labor and Management with quick access to referral services for employees that are suspected of having issues involving substance abuse, poor self-control, or mental health issues.

Treatment Compliance Monitoring:

The TCS staff regularly monitor the attendance and participation of employees who are referral to counseling to address job-related issues. Documentation is provided to the involved representatives of both Labor and Management once the employee agrees to allow those parties to be notified of their treatment progress.

Consultation Services:

Labor and Management can contact TCS for consultation on a variety of workplace issues including drug-free workplace compliance and identifying and addressing employees with poor work performance due to mental health or substance abuse issues.

About Teamster Center Services

Teamster Center Services (TCS) is a Taft-Hartley Trust Fund that provides advice, referral and case management services to the participants of its member welfare funds.

From its offices at 121 West 27th Street in Manhattan TCS provides services to over 32,000 families in the Metro New York area of New York City, Long Island, Northern New Jersey and Westchester, Rockland and Putnam Counties in New York State.

Each year the staff of TCS assists approximately 1,500 individuals and makes over 1,700 referrals to behavioral health treatment providers.

TCS presently provides services to the membership of the following unions.

Teamsters Local 11 Teamsters Local 553 Teamsters Local 807
Teamsters Local 27 Teamsters Local 641 Teamsters Local 812
Teamsters Local 97 Teamsters Local 701 Teamsters Local 813
Teamsters Local 272 Teamsters Local 707 Teamsters Local 814
Teamsters Local 282 Teamsters Local 808 Teamsters Local 338
Teamsters Local 295 Teamsters Local 802 Teamsters Local 917
Teamsters Local 804 Teamsters Local 1205


Member welfare funds pay a low monthly per member per month fee to access all of the services and discounts available through Teamster Center Services. The fee is the same for all funds regardless of the size of their membership and the amount of services the fund elects to receive from TCS. There are no other fees or charges for membership in TCS.


Teamster Center Services opened in 1962 as “The Teamster Center at Montefiore” and, at that time, was located in the teaching hospital Montefiore Medical Center in Bronx, New York.